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Please note that we use €/kWh, so for example 0,2200. The maximum tariff is 0,2500 including 21% VAT.
Location of the charge point When someone charges at your charge point, this is the location they will find on their charge card usage bill. Furthermore, when you decide to publish your charge point location we'll publish this location to The New Motion app, my.thenewmotion.com and public maps of charge points.

Double-click on the map to drop the marker.
Electricity tariff You can find your tariff on one of your electricity bills. Publish charge point The location of your charge point can be shown in The New Motion app, my.thenewmotion.com and on public websites. This way, other electric drivers can easily find your charge point and see whether it is available for charging. Add other charge cards If you want to use e.g. an MTC, XXImo or Travelcard combicard for automatic reimbursement, or a charge card from a neighbor as a free charge card, add the card number in the box and click on the plus-sign. Charge point subscription Subscribe to Plus and benefit from additional functionality like Automatic Reimbursements and Paid guest usage. Development Currently we're working on expanding the range of charge points and charge cards supporting this additional service. CO₂ savings formula CO₂ savings are calculated as following:
  • Fuel mix: 50% gasoline, 50% diesel
  • Usage: 1 kWh = 5 km
  • Average CO₂ emission of diesel: 160 g/km
  • Average CO₂ emission of gasoline: 173 g/km
CO₂ savings (kg) Go to current location Search by location Search by charge point ID Start (once) Time (/minute) Volume (/kWh) Do you want to continue using all the advantages of an online charge point? Click on the button to purchase or extend the Plus subscription for your chargepoint(s). Go to the Plus subscription page